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If you haven’t taken the time to read an encyclopaedia about eyewear, chances are you might find the whole “choosing the right lenses” thing a bit daunting. With so much information about anti-this and multi-that, it can be hard to know where necessity finishes and extravagance begins. 

Although it’s not industry tradition, we believe essentials should be offered at no extra cost — that’s why all our optical lenses come with a multicoat as standard. Our multicoat includes:

  1. An anti-reflective coating to reduce glare from surfaces like computer screens and car headlights. This is particularly helpful with combatting eyestrain, fatigue and headaches. We also add anti-reflective coatings to the outside of our lenses to minimise visible reflections for other people. Overall, anti-reflective lenses are more comfortable, functional and better looking than standard optical lenses.
  2. scratch-resistant coating which, as you might guess by the name, makes your glasses more resistant to scratches (we feel it’s important to note that nothing will protect your lenses quite like a hard case and cleaning cloth — which we also supply as standard). 

When it comes to more complicated prescriptions, we recommend visiting your nearest Bailey Nelson boutique. We've simplified the process of choosing multifocals by offering only individualised digital freeform multifocals. Freeform uses the latest computer technology and digital surface processing to ensure our multifocals are fully customised to your prescription and lifestyle. In a nutshell, this means they provide the widest field of view with the least amount of sub-focus in side vision (multifocal prescriptions are available in store only). 

In addition to the above, all our boutiques offer transitions (for automatic UV protection) and blue control filters (works like a UV filter but targets the blue light range) along with high index lenses (for high prescriptions), access (also known as office) lenses, bifocal lenses and relax lenses.

To see a full list of our boutiques, click here. or book an eye test with us here.


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