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Meet CVIRO & GXNXVS, a musical duo from the Gold Coast—although based on their sound and look, they could have easily fooled us. Channelling 90s rap and R&B, their vibe channels the west coast in bygone eras. The pair are definitely on the come up, and after years of making tunes together, they're ready to take off and make some serious moves in the industry. Hitting 5 million streams on Spotify with hits like ‘Benjamins & Problems’, their new track 'Caught Up' is the latest release off the new EP, Now you Knowand its already received some serious attention. 

Now You Know has been freshly released today, so don't just trust us—give it a listen below and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. We had a chat to CVIRO & GXNXVS (pronounced Cairo and Genius, in case you’re wondering) about their creative process, their love of 90s R&B and they favourite tracks off the new EP.


Firstly, where are you both from and how did you meet?

GXNXVS: I’m originally from New Zealand but moved over to the Gold Coast, Australia when I was about 12. 

CVIRO: I was born in Sydney and then moved to the Gold Coast at the age 15.

GXNXVS: We both meet through mutual friends after they heard a project I put out when I was about 18. We linked up pretty much straight away and have been working together ever since. 

CVIRO: Like GXNXVS said, we had a mutual friend that kept telling both of us to meet up, he thought we would make dope music together. I guess he was right and we haven’t stopped since that day!


How long have you been making music for and who are your major inspirations?

GXNXVS: I got into music and production when I was about 13 just for fun, nothing serious, and just never stopped. We really found our inspiration and sound after CVIRO introduced me to the legends of R&B like Ginuwine, Jodeci and H-Town.

CVIRO: I also started with production at a young age and then transitioned into singing, when I figured out I could sing. I grew up with 90s rnb/hip hop around the house and its always been a major inspiration for everything I do.


Was there a moment in the process of creating ‘Caught Up’ that you felt you’d nailed it?

GXNXVS: The making of ‘Caught Up’ wasn’t really straight forward, I think we must have worked on about six different versions before we finally got to this one. 

CVIRO: I think with any song we make, when we can play it from start to finish without thinking and can be immersed in the track, that’s when we know its done.


Do you have a favourite song off the new EP?

GXNXVS: Twisted for its production and probably ‘Here We Go Again’ for CVIRO’s vocals. 

CVIRO: Mine would probably be Caught Up and Twisted, just because they make me want to dance the most.


Can you tell us about any gigs you have coming up?

GXNXVS: There's nothing planned right now, but we’re just working on our live set so you’ll be sure to see us in 2019. 

CVIRO: All I can say is that 2019 is going to big.


Frames: Theodore & Felix

Photos: Ryan Nix - Head Designer at Bailey Nelson @ryannix

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