A guide to exploring Manly in winter

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Our heart may lie in Bondi, but lately we’ve had our sights set on another seaside suburb. We’re stoked to be opening a brand new Bailey Nelson store in Manly on June 22, and of course we’ve seized the opportunity to hang out in the beautiful suburb as much as we can. We jumped on a ferry and crossed the harbour to explore what the scenic area has to offer in the cooler months.

Bare Naked Bowls

Would you even be in a coastal suburb of Sydney if you didn’t start the day with a trendy superfood? But Bare Naked Bowls aren’t just serving the latest health fad, their colourful Acai Bowls are truly delicious, filling and packed with healthy ingredients. Whether you’re vegetarian, paleo, vegan, dairy free or gluten free, you’ll have plenty to choose from; all made with the freshest organic ingredients including seasonal fresh fruit as well as the latest superfoods including acai, pitaya, hemp seeds, activated buckini and loads of other exciting ingredients that you’ve never heard of but feel sufficiently smug eating. What’s more, they’re not only good for you, but good for the world too. 10% of your purchase is donated to IBSH, a charity that helps children in developing nations reach higher education. Talk about guilt-free eating.

Manly Art Gallery and Museum

This low-key gallery on the shore of Manly Cove houses a combination of local artefacts and Australian art. A relaxing pitstop with a view of the cove, Manly Art Gallery and Museum is a spacious cultural hub full of art, books, ceramics, and artisan goods. Until October 2018 you can check out the exhibition of seminal Australian photographer Frank Hurley who had a lifelong passion for Sydney Harbour and the Northern Beaches. The show paints a picture of what the Manly area was like in the latter years of his career from 1948 - 1962 so you can immerse yourself in the local history.

The Boathouse

Take a stroll along the picturesque coast to Shelly Beach, one of the idyllic beachside sites in Manly. It might be a bit too cold for a dip in the serene waters (unless you’re an acclimated local), but there are plenty of places to sit and watch the view. Overlooking the bay is the iconic The Boathouse, the perfect place to have a boozy lunch by the water. Nestled by the side of the shore, The Boathouse is beautiful, modern and light-filled with a well-stocked bar and mouth-watering menu. Our personal recommendations are the mushroom and truffle flatbread and the croissant french toast with mascarpone, berries and maple (that’s an acceptable lunch, right?). Pair it with a coffee and a cheeky glass of sparkling wine and you’ve successfully undone all the effects of your Acai bowl. But it’s totally worth it.

The Nook 

Finish your day off at Manly’s newest venue, The Nook. This bar and restaurant has a cosy vibe that perfectly straddles the line between casual and cosmopolitan. From the marble benchtops to the red neon sign, captivating visuals and subtle details add to the overall experience. The Nook feels like a slice of Brooklyn in the heart of Manly, and walking in feels like you’ve just stepped into the 70s (speaking of slices, we tried the caramel popcorn cheesecake and our lives are changed forever). The bar boasts a menu that solidifies the “NYC diner with a twist” vibe, including cheeseburger pop tarts and classic reuben sandwiches. Open until late Tuesday through to Sunday, you’ll have no regrets waking up with a sore head after a night at The Nook.

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